Le Pelli

We have a wide range of quality products made from the hides and grains of cattle, buffalo and calves, and available in all colours.

We can satisfy the most demanding clients thanks to careful and scrupulous selection starting from when we purchase the raw hides. The cattle hides we use come from South America or Europe, according to needs, while the buffalo hides come from Egypt and India.

We only purchase hides from monopolised foreign tanneries, which means that the product is within the recognised production and quality standards, and once processed they can be distinguished by their touch, softness and quality.

Any type of print can be produced for the leather used for furnishings; the finishes go from the simplest to the most elaborate, and all the colours can be produced plain or with an effect.

The final result is leather with special characteristics, which can satisfy the clients' expectations, even the most demanding ones, a leather that blends perfectly with the best production of padded furnishings.

Wet blue hides, always available from stock

Processes such as retanning and dying