About us

Quattro G is a very young company that rose from the experience and skills of its founders, all of whom came from previous experiences matured in large tannery realities in Valle dell'Agno. Today the company produces and markets finished leather mainly for the furnishings sector, but in line with a continually developing market, its customers today come from the footwear, leatherware and accessories sectors, and all fields of application where leather can be used.

Established in 2008, a critical moment in the tannery sector, Quattro G knew how to face the difficulties of the moment thanks to the enthusiasm, commitment and energy that its founders threw into it, and which is added to all our business projects today. The company has now consolidated its position on the market, and can boast solid business relations based on the continual reconfirmation of its clients' faith and respect.

An in-depth knowledge of the tannery sector and the possibility of controlling the whole chain of production have allowed us to develop a policy that is dedicated to caring for and satisfying clients, until we receive their full trust. We put a lot of our time on caring for the client, from the purchase to the sales phase, in order to give a highly professional and competitive service. Our ten-year experience in processing hides from South America and Europe, advanced research in the articles field and a careful analysis of the requirements of the various sectors are the elements that have allowed us to be present on today's market with a coherent and clear company image.

Offering our clients a 360° service matters a lot to us. The service we offer is not just limited to selling leather, but aims at satisfying any request made to us, no matter whether about sales, technology, finance or relative to quality control, problem solving, consultancy on new products and fashion trends.

In spite of its youth, Quattro G is extremely competent and reliable. The company is totally projected towards the future, but it still maintains a strong bond with the best Made in Italy tanning tradition.